Urban Escrima

Originating from the Philippines, Escrima was used against the Spanish colonialists in the 1500’s. Escrima has since evolved into a modern, realistic and effective martial art. It is unique in that the practitioner uses weapons from the beginning. Everything which we do with a weapon in Escrima, we use the same concepts for our unarmed applications. This has the benefit of making Escrima Concepts an easily accessible martial art and simplified for street situations. Because we use weapons in addition to unarmed training, your manual dexterity, coordination and reflexes will improve rapidly. We live in a society in which weapons are used widely in violent crime, understanding weapons can prove invaluable in protecting yourself.

Thursdays 6.30pm w/Nigel & Charlie (60 mins)

£10 Drop-in, not included in the Class Pass

Kids Karate

Classes teach a wide variety of skills from stand up, clinch to ground work. Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu is characterised by vibrant body dynamics, efficacious foot and body movements, classical kata (forms) and partner based exercises (known as tegumi futari-geiko). Concentration, discipline and focus are all important aspects of the club's environment, as well as having fun and making new friends. Providing students work hard there is the opportunity to move up a belt at the end of each term keeping students highly motivated throughout their progression in the art.

School Term: Monday to Friday from 4pm/4.15pm (ages 5-8 & 9-12) & 5pm/5.15pm (ages 9-12 & 13-17), 60 minutes, £50 monthly or £180 for 4 months, includes insurance to train & a karate uniform for new students (4 months only). Discounts available for one or more siblings. Special offers available through the MINDBODY app. Intro classes are free of charge at the start of each term. (Please enquire for availability before attending)