The best part of my job is getting to know people. Training makes you feel good; empowered. It’s something you should do for yourself and only yourself. To be able to help people get results and start to feel that power is a beautiful thing.

What you can expect in me: A friend. What I expect of you: A smile and honesty. Fitness is not a chore - it makes you feel liberated and strong. If you don’t feel it then you just haven’t found your type of training yet. Everyone is different and my challenge is discovering your ‘happy’ and helping you get there.

Choosing London Fields: Approaching 30 and with everything starting to feel all too familiar, I decided to follow the ‘big city’ twinkle in my eyes and move from Sydney, Australia to London. Walking into LF Fitness Studio instantly felt right. The community built here and spirit in the air is an instant draw card. It wasn’t a hard choice. 

My Fitness Journey: I could start this off with ‘as a teenager I always struggled with my self image’ but who didn’t. I was too scared to join a gym. Petrified. For my birthday my Grandma was the one who eventually signed me up and hired a personal trainer to keep me on track (years after I had first considered it). I felt enriched, saw my body changing and with that came confidence. I want to help you find your own confidence and get over that first step like my grandma did for me.

Training style: Full body strength building, flexibility and cardio workouts which aren't textbook. Specialising in working smarter not harder.