Emily was born and raised in London. After graduating in English & Classics from university in 2006 she went straight to a desk job in the city where she worked for 10 years. Having always been active (sports teams at school/uni, a keen gym goer and sprint triathlon enthusiast), Emily started to spend more time training and learning about nutrition and saw many positive changes to her body and lifestyle, and decided to become a Personal Trainer.

Knowing the obstacles city and office workers encounter having been through it all herself (lack of time, poor nutrition options, mobility issues from sitting down all day etc) she specialises in motivating clients who encounter various obstacles and assists them with making the changes they need to achieve their goals through physical exercise and nutrition.

Emily believes in lifting heavy things to build lean muscle, improve posture and prevent common ailments we might encounter later in old age, mixed with HIIT and tabata to get a time efficient workout with results in fitness and fat loss. She also believes in balance which means eating kale and chocolate....though not necessarily together!

Qualifications: Personal Trainer Level 3; Qualifications in nutrition for fat loss and core stability. Emily is also currently studying nutrition.