Born and raised within the sound of the Bow Bells, Alex is a genuine Cockney. She has a lifetime of horse riding under her belt that ought her the importance of core strength, posture and balance. Prior to being a personal trainer Alex enjoyed a decade as a buyer, where she travelled around the world -working in India, Thailand, New York and Taiwan. 

Inspired by the London Olympics and more realistically, the desire to get into shape for her wedding, Alex became obsessed with fitness and took the opportunity to understand the importance of setting clear goals and objectives. Whilst getting back into shape pots-baby she realised it was time to turn her passion for health and fitness into her future. She figured helping others to achieve their fitness goals would be far more satisfying than sourcing another vase!

Qualified as REPS Level 3, Alex specialises in circuit classes and 1-1 training for fat loss, tonic and body confidence using body weight and free weight movements combined with cardiovascular exercise. She believes in a balanced sustainable lifestyle where a bit of what you love doesn't hurt you... unless you love her circuit classes -which are meant to hurt! Alex's workouts are intense, time efficient and to the point!