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Hey Lovers, 

Our fitness class for singles -Lovercise, has really gone bananas! As a thank you to all the singletons we've been getting guest curators to make weekly mixtapes about love, lust, heartbreak and/or loneliness on Spotify. Check em out and follow Lovercise.club to get them each week. To find out more about Lovercise and our dates go to www.lovercise.club


Hot dog! Super excited to add Jazzercise (Aerobics) to February's Class Pass and timetable -Every Saturday at 1.30pm. If you haven't heard about it before, it is a total joy, and you 100% have to watch the viral videos of founder Judi Sheppard Missett in the 80s. Our instructor Gabby has the energy and chutzpah to rival her though, so come on down and check it out! 

Prepare for awesome soundtracks too -Jazzercise is all about the pop & jazz tunes! They even released Vinyl back in the day...

Prepare for awesome soundtracks too -Jazzercise is all about the pop & jazz tunes! They even released Vinyl back in the day...

People are going nuts for Lovercise !

Looks like we've captured the zeitgeist with Lovercise and people seem to be as excited as us about it -from Marie Claire to Time Out. We still have limited spaces left, RSVP now and click on the links below to have a read... 

Lovercise 8pm 14.02.17


RSVP your place now at www.lovercise.club

With Londoners increasingly reaching for dumbbells and protein shakes in favour of booze and fags the gym has become a hot spot for those on the dating scene.  In response, fitness guru and self-certified cupid,  Sapan Sehgal has curated the UK’s first bespoke fitness class specifically for those seeking a little more than a gym buddy. Lovercise promises to get those endorphins pumping and leave you dripping!

Launching this Valentine’s Day at London Fields Fitness, the tongue in cheek class is aimed at open minded singles (or polyamories) who enjoy a rigorous, whole body workout and might otherwise be spending the 14th alone. Open to gay, straight, bi, trans, pan, asexual -you name it, we want you. Complete with candles, tragic love songs, roses and a solid hour of bump and grind we have all the Valentine clichés covered.  

Feeling shy? Fear not, strict matt colour codes let people know where you’re at; Red – ready for love,  Pink – flirty & fun , Turquoise -cool & curious (just looking), Magenta - self-love. 

We will be serving aphrodisiac refreshments during and after the class sourced from our neighbours at Broadway Market. Oysters from Fin & Flounder, dark chocolate chilli truffles from Dark Sugars, Chai Tea from Tiosk and authentic natural red wine from Noble Fine Liquors. Participants are encouraged to stay for a post workout cool down and mingle.  At just £5 for the class, it would be rude not to.

A fitness class like you've never experienced before and will never forget!



Due to the freakish success of last year's event, we will be hosting #FreakOutWorkout 2.0 (horror sequels are always great right?). The halloween themed fitness class with Sapan will take place Sunday October 30th at 11am, £5 Drop-in, included in the Class Pass. Best dressed wins a November Class Pass!! Looking forward to seeing all the Caspers, Ghostbusters and Kardashians... 

London Fields Method

London Fields Method

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