HulaFit® was created in 2013 at London Fields Fitness Studio by Anna and Rowan Byrne, who, between them both have extensive experience in the hula hoop and fitness industries. Since HulaFit® was established it has become a press favourite( featured in Vogue's 5 New Ways to Get Fit), and a sell-out success! The aim of the HulaFit® class is to create an environment that is as focused on the ‘Fit’ as it is on the ‘Fun’!   There are elements in each class that will appeal to all, regardless of your fitness experience, whether you’re a keep-fit fanatic or a fitness phobic, we at HulaFit® believe that even if you hate everything, no-one can hate hula hooping! 1 hour, £7 per class, booking is essential, open to all levels. Instructor: Shakira